Summer is a perfect period of the season going on vacation

Spring is a great period of the season to go on vacation and forget about everyday activities which occasionally are challenging, dull and tired. Men and women normally relax during July and August and recharge their “batteries” for the next ten months. What is more, even doctors recommend changing the nearby for a while to relax and make the mind clear of thinking about various enigmas.

Why in some localizations this is more than necessary to stay in luxury hotel

I travel often. I travel a lot. In consequence, I believe that I can say that I know much about travelling. I usually look for the cheapest accommodation possible. I usually don’t mind tiny and gloomy place, often with no private bathroom. In such situations I keep convincing myself that that is not important how my hotel looks like as I will visit the city during the whole day anyway. But there are various places where this just doesn’t work like this. And one of those places in Santorini.