A few ideas for interesting weekend trips from Warsaw

Plenty of individuals look for interesting ideas regarding spending their weekends. Most of them would like to go to some completely new places, but they regularly convince themselves that these places are that far away, that it is impossible to see something new and interesting during only 1 weekend. Nonetheless, this is not completely true. Because of the fact, that tons of new flight connections have been opened quite recently, and Warsaw is nowadays much better connected with main capitals of EU countries. As a result of this it is much more convenient to travel. Thanks to that weekend may be more than enough to see some new places abroad, instead of spending it in the same park or restaurant in the corner of house. Therefore, we prepared for you 2 suggestions of destinations which you can visit during a weekend trip.

Do you wish to escape from your weekend routine? You should try these two destinations!

You frequently return from work pretty late on Friday evening, and usually have nosoecific plans for the already started weekend. You will possibly do some shopping, go to the park nearby and possibly meet with some friends. Most of your weekends look exactly the same and you don’t habe any idea how to change this sad routine. Nevertheless, we have some suggestions for you! Why won’t you go to some new cities abroad? Weekend will be just perfect for it! Particularly for those 2 cities that we have picked for you!

If you like history, you would love these 2 holiday destinations!

Different individuals look for different things when travelling. Some individuals hope to experience local history. Some people want to become familiar with local cuisine. However, tons of people like history so badly, that they travel mostly to discover history of particular countries and to visit historical sites. For this category of men and ladies, we have suggestions of two countries with very interesting history.

Brussels – great place for interesting holidays

After Poland became a member of EU, many of young citizens decide to go abroad for job or college. Many of them, every each day, are flying back and forward, to United Ireland, Norway and Netherlands. But different famous spot is Belgium. Flights from Warsaw to Brussels are in very reasonable prizes, but you need to know how and when to book it. And the city itself is really magnificent, when you want to visit any place nice, it would be very well choice. Pretty monuments, delicious meals and friendly people.