Entertainment after work – what we like to do?

Now more and more people work long hours. It is nothing weird that majority of them looks for an entertainment right after they return home. Today will be showed two ways of amusement and the comparison. The 2 sorts are: books and television. The two ways of relaxing are completely different and posses their followers and opponents.


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The 1st method of entertainment is a book. It is 1 of the oldest ways of making individuals fun, frightening and encourage. Even at the moment, in 21st c. mother and father read fairy tells to their children earlier than they go to bed. In several buildings it is a ritual which does not end soon. Books posses a lot of positive sides. They educate about right and improper behave, they teach job (see much more you can read on the internet) show life, educate proper spelling of words and what is the most powerful, reading books can be an enjoyment.

When reading a book, you are able to picture how the major creature looks like, how tall he/she is and how good-looking or handsome she or he is. It all depends on your invented. Nevertheless, reading books are able to have its drawbacks. If you reading in a dim place and you apply wrong light you can harm your sight. Nonetheless, it does not happen often, and individuals damage their sight much more often because of seeing TV than reading books.

Another drawback of the reading books can be very long descriptions of locations and heroes. Here are books where there are very few conversations and much more explonations. Nevertheless, it all depends on person who reads; some booklover prefer detailed explonation of the action places. On the other hand here is a motion picture. Motion picture is not difficult and can be seen by everyone. What is more, there are more job (see see full proposal on this page) more motion pictures which do not bring anything to think after seeing the film. In many cases, playwright typically applies the books to create a script. However, the person present his or her own interpretation of the book and in lots cases makes it simpler.

Those 2 ways of entertainment showed in the article has proved that leisure does not have only 1 faces. Which face will you select? – the choice is up to you.