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Dental implants are nowadays very important in dentistry.
What dental implants are?
They’re kind of metal posts that are fastened surgically to the bone of your jaw. So prepared elements are ready to be connected to synthetic tooth.
To use another term these are surgical components that cooperate with the bone of the jaw, dental prosthesis or play a role of orthodontic anchor.
Why in modern medicine dental implants are so crucial?
Nowadays more and more medical elements are adapted to needs of patients and easy to use by them.

Implants are made of substances that are very good quality and done by specialists that use the latest technologies Therefore implant dentists are able to ensure patients with the best possible alternative options.
What are types of dental implants?
There are basically two different kind of dental implant:
1. Endosteal implants – they’re surgically and directly adapted into your jawbone. After a heal of a surrounding gum tissue there must be another operation taken to a post to the implant that has been adapted originally. The last step is to attaching artificial tooth to a denture or a bridge.


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Subperiosteal implants – they’re partly made of metal frame that is placed on the jawbone, below gum tissue. After gums healing, frame are becoming a part of a jawbone. Posts protrude through the gums, so that dentist is able to mount artificial Teeth to the posts.

Implant dentist in wroclaw

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Implant dentist in Wroclaw has both of them in an offer.
Why dental implants are so important?

With dental implants, you’re able to replace a tooth that is damaged with a new, synthetic part that is perfectly adjustable and fits to your jaw without hurting it
Where to make implants?
Implant dentist in Wroclaw is famous for its effectiveness. You can be assured that you’ll get the best possible treatment there.